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The Advantages of Equipment Leasing

A powerful financial tool which offers freedom and flexibility


LeasingCores's simple and efficient leasing process will help you quickly acquire the equipment your business needs in order to function. Whether you have an established business or a start-up, new equipment can help increase revenue. Leasing your new or used equipment can improve cash flow resulting in a much more effective operation.

Leasing your equipment with LeasingCore offers the following advantages:

Accounting & Tax Advantages



  • Equipment lease payments can be deducted as business expenses, reducing the net cost of your lease. Most leases will even allow you to write-off the full payment.

  • You may expense lease payments instead of depreciating them as a capital cost. Debt to Equity ratios are also unaffected because the equipment is kept off of the balance sheet.

  • With purchasing or financing the federal and provincial sales taxes must be paid upfront, but with leasing the sales tax is spread over the term of your lease.

  • Leases typically do not require a big down payment. 

  • Preserve your capital and bank or line of credit for day-to-day operating expenses and unforeseen emergencies.

  • Make small monthly payments rather than take a loan or have a large cash outlay.



Flexible Payment Terms Higher Rates of Approval

  • Payments can be arranged according to your expected earnings by choosing a different term program.

  • Control the turnover and cost of your equipment.


Higher Rates of Approval


  • We are in a position to pre-approve most leases in as little as 4 hours. Banks often take days, even weeks to respond to your request.

  • Leases are often easier to obtain and have more flexible terms than loans, making it the perfect option for those that have credit issues.

  • Quickly acquire new equipment as it is needed.

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